WordPress to Joomla Migration with CMS2CMS: Advanced Modules and SEO Data Moved

23 September 2013

Los Angeles: CMS2CMS, automated CMS and forum migration service, treats to the public its modified opportunities for migration from WordPress to Joomla. Aside from the website content conversion, all the users are able to assess the migration of modules, like bbPress forum, WordPress SEO by Yoast, NextGen Gallery directly to Joomla Kunena, sh404SEF, Phoca Gallery considerately.

CMS2CMS, the service for CMS and forum migration presents its enhanced and refined automated WordPress to Joomla transfer features. Henceforth, the conversion process takes in not only the transfer of website content, but modules migration too.

Continually trying to make the migration process easier for the website owners and hidden for the site visitors, CMS2CMS developer team does it best to rub out all the limits and verges of WordPress to Joomla migration. Thus, new modules are continuously being added to the list of supported ones. Also, the solution for maintaining website SEO data is offered. And what is more important, the migration process takes little time and is apt for everyone even without having regard to the level of programming knowledge.

The following website items can be converted from WordPress to Joomla automatically:

Content Data

- Posts

Articles, blog posts are migrated from WordPress to Joomla articles directly.

- Pages

All the static pages, like About us, Privacy Policy, Home, are moved from one CMS platform to another.

- Categories

Content categories with the “parent-child” relations are moved in accordance to the categories in new Joomla site.

- Content Images

All the pictures related to posts are converted from WordPress into Joomla.

- Users

User data will be preserved after the migration process, including email, login, first name, last name etc.

Modules Migration

- Forum

CMS2CMS holds up the migration of bbPress forum directly to Joomla Kunena. The forum migration includes the following:

  1. Posts/Replies (Migration of post data: autor, subject, content, attachment, publishing date)
  2. Topic/Thread (Title, author, content, publishing date are preserved during the migration)
  3. Users (It is migrated all the user data, including username, email, personal detail, signature, registration date, subscription, ranks)
  4. Tags (All the tags ascribed to the topics or threads)
  5. Images (Post and topic pictures are moved from bbPress to Kunena automatedly)
  6. Attachments (Files that are attached to the posts are transferred from one forum to another)
  7. Polls (All the polls are migrated to Kunena as well)

- Image Gallery

It is possible to migrate NextGen Gallery into Joomla Phoca gallery module.

- Comments

All the WordPress comments may be migrated to JComments extension.

Note: Before the migration, it’s needed to put in all the essential modules or extensions the user wants to move data to.

SEO Data Migration


During the migration process all the internal links will be formed accordingly to the rewrite rules on Joomla website.

- SEO Data

Presently, CMS2CMS migrates WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to Joomla sh404SEF, including metadata and keywords. This procedure is probable in case sh404SEF extension is already installed.

Moreover, besides all the migration benefits, CMS2CMS provides all the users with the following conveniences.

- No Coding Required - Automated conversion is reduced to simple steps in the migration wizard.

- No Installation Needed - It is unnecessary to install additional software.

- Free Demo Available - In order to check the migration, it’s possible to try free Demo Preview.

You can learn more about migration of content from WordPress into your Joomla here.

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