The Top 4 iOS 8 Challenges for Developers

11 September 2014

Los Angeles: When it turns up in the approaching weeks, Apple’s iOS 8 is prepared to bring several novel features, including its Healthkit and Homekit podiums, to the iPhone and iPad. A lot of the advances are customer-oriented and concentrated on building a flawless experience across iOS devices and Macs running the approaching OS X Yosemite.

Now that Apple has planned a Sept 9 event where a lot of people anticipate noticing a new iPhone, it’s probable that iOS 8 will be in the hands of users pretty soon. While the operating system does not have the similar kind of dramatic design revamp that came with iOS 7, it has numerous massive changes that give opportunity for good and bad.

Here are the top 4 to look out for:

1. Swift:                                      

While Kwok does not imagine an overnight wholesale migration to Swift, Apple’s latest programming language, he does believe it might give a boost up to the development community. The language is intended to be user-friendly which could get new developers to iOS. That opens the door to new types of apps.

But till Swift gets the same capabilities as Objective C, it won’t transform everyone but it will take off, just not instantly.

2. More Connectivity

At present apps take advantage of a range of onboard skills like GPS, cameras and Bluetooth as well as Internet based abilities. With iOS 8, and its support for Apple’s new Homekit and Healthkit frameworks for fitness wearables and home automation devices, applications have the ability to get in touch with.

“It's not just connectivity to the Net but to different services and different devices,” said Rob Kwok, CTO and co-founder of Crittercism, which makes technology for controlling mobile applications for troubles.

As per Rob Kwok, one good thing is there will be extra information, added intelligence to the application. But the problem is that there are numerous ways an app can be unsuccessful. If you develop apps that are reliant on the app being linked to a fitness monitor and there are things set off depending on changes to your blood pressure, as connectivity drops, you lose all this functionality you presumed you had.

3. Split screen:

iOS 8 is believed to back a new kind of spilt screen capability that allows users to run two apps alongside, in a way that Microsoft enables this capability in Windows 8. Split screen support will be greeted mostly by business users who may need to run a chat app, for example, together with a web browser or the email client on an iPad. However, such ability might turn up with challenges that could be out of a developer’s control. If two apps are contending for the same CPU resources and memory, app performance might take a hit.

4. More APIs

iOS 8 has 4000 new APIs. The latest APIs provide developers with the opportunity to distinguish among their apps, Kwok said. Differentiation is increasingly important as the app store grows and grows. However, the latest techniques a developer adds to an app, the additional chance they have of unforeseen problems. If you trust in novel APIs, if it doesn’t function the way you anticipated, it can hurt your differentiation.

Testing apps that depend on the new APIs is mainly difficult when actual hardware is not obtainable. If Apple does release a latest phone with new dimensions, developers have not had the opportunity to test their new apps on genuine hardware.

The blend of a novel OS release and novel hardware that is not on hand for testing indicates that there could be a prominent lag time between the release of the devices and when apps get improved. It’s a delicate balance for developers in getting their app fast and ensuring it works correct. A longer delay tends to happen most frequently on apps where developers push the boundaries of the latest hardware and software as a means to distinguish among their apps.

It’s not sure yet when new devices running the OS will be in the hands of end users. But given the many modifications to the OS, a new variety of apps might be approaching our way.

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