Picturesque – Mind Blowing App that Constantly Changes Your Phone's Background!

4 March 2015

Los Angeles: A stalwart Google user might not be aware of a unique feature that the Bing has. The home page of Bing consists of a giant background image which changes every day. Sometimes you can also find some animated images.  In the same way, Microsoft has released a mesmerizing lock screen replacement application called Picturesque which constantly keep changing the background of your phone’s lock screen.

Now, Microsoft is not just about Windows; it’s embracing all other platforms, as Satya Nadella has taken over Microsoft as its CEO. As the evidence, we can that the company has launched a new Android application that turns your phone’s lock screen into a continuously changing digital photo frame. As the name itself says, Picturesque is all about images.

You might get bored of seeing the same static background image on your lock screen, but now with Picturesque, you can swap out pictures by just shaking your phone or swiping it from left to right. The app randomly selects some high resolution pictures from Bing in the similar way that Yahoo Weather selects images from Flickr.

The application also provides you the top stories from Bing News if you just swipe it in the opposite direction; one more swipe in the same direction lets you fiddle along with your screen settings from where you can also access settings like Bluetooth, volume and Wi-Fi. The app also features a Bing search bar on the top of the main screen which lets you perform any basic searches without having to unlock the device. 

Some additional features of Picturesque:

  1. Make images gorgeous: Picturesque is just a simple application with simple goals. It adds value to your lock screen by constantly changing the background images. It also makes the pictures more beautiful by just adding its magical effects.
  2. Awesome 3D perspective: The app lets you create an amazing 3D perspective with just two sliders.
  3. 1-Click reflections: This is really a special feature; the app blows people away with its stunning reflections. You don’t have to fiddle up with layers; you can create reflections with just a click. 
  4. Easy shadows, glows & strokes: You can add any traditional effects such as glows, shadows or any strokes with just a click.
  5. Pretty pre-sets: The app features a pre-set option which keeps track of all your favorite styles.

Though the functionality is pretty basic it’s undoubtedly one of the best lock-screen replacement apps available for Android. Simplicity of the app makes it more appealing. Few apps like Aviate and Cover try to provide some contextual information based on your location. Picturesque does all those things and has an attractive look too.    

It is the second cross-platform app launched by Microsoft in the recent times. Its Outlook app for iPhone impressed their editors and also convinced them to delete Gmail apps within few minutes. It’s a best way to attract Android users to Windows phone.

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