Mobile Application Use Hits 51% of all Time Used Up on Digital Media

7 August 2014

Los Angeles: With users now spending 60% of the Internet time on mobile devices – the bulk of that within apps – Instagram, Facebook and Pandora are observing a growth in mobile use.

Here’s a data that will make the majority nod in agreement: time used up on mobile apps is at an all-time high and just keeps rising. But, fragmenting the data piece-by-piece does bring some amazing facts – for example people use mobile devices to use social media, Internet radio, and photos much more than their PCs.

What’s more, for the first time ever, time used up on mobile apps is more than any other digital medium, coming in at 51%. The analytics company looked at approximately 10 billion minutes of user engagement on apps all through the month of May.

Just a year back, mobile podiums commanded 50% of users’ total digital media time, and now that number is equal to 60% - the majority of that within apps.

Of all the app categories, digital radio is where people use up most of the time, with 96% of user engrossment coming from mobile devices and Pandora foremost in that category. Coming in a very close second, next in turn was photos also with 96%, which was led by apps like Flickr and Instagram. Other groups like instant messaging and maps, were also used intensely on tablets and smartphones.

While the mobile podium shift goes on unabated, not all contents category has undergone the move at the same speed. Remarkably, but possibly not all together suddenly, a couple of key categories have shifted just about to mobile.

Stats also points to the significance of growth in the social networking category, with apps like Twitter and Facebook. While only 70% of user activity comes from mobile, the category has seen enormous increases in the last year – total mobile engrossment in this category has grown 55% and has explained for 31% of all Internet advancement since 2013.

While social networking does not place at the very top of the list among the most mobile-skewing content categories, it is perhaps the most vital.

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