Marketers must Concentrate on SEO to Combat Rising CPC

2 July 2013


Los Angeles: SEO will become even more significant for marketers that want to keep their branded content on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), as per a latest Adobe Report. After studying the effects of Google AdWords Enhanced campaigns, Adobe found that marketers are paying more for paid ad campaigns, a growing trend that’s anticipated to persist.

In the past 3 months, CPC (Cost per Click) increased 6%. There are a number of things contributing to the price hike, including Enhanced campaigns and growth in search engine marketing.

Possibly another reason brands have embraced search marketing is that SEO is difficult than ever before, and its complex for brands to earn SERP real estate with basic content marketing tactics.

Brafton lately reported on a Google Webmaster Help Channel video that shared a similar message. Search Engineer Matt Cutts said the company is employing more complex ranking signals in its continuing efforts to boost users’ experiences. This carries over into CPC on Google, which Adobe forecasts will rise 5 to 10 percent on a year-over-year basis in the next two quarters.

To fight rising expenses, marketers can reallocate resources to organic SEO practices. Brands often find that devoting time and money to content marketing has a flywheel effect – it needs more on the front end, but builds momentum and produces results the longer it’s in practice.

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