Is it Worth Waiting for Drupal 8?

23 May 2013


Los Angeles: There’s lots of hustle-bustle in the web arena post the declaration of Drupal 8’s release, planned for later this year. Drupal programmers and users alike are thrilled about the launch of this update. While a lot of new features will raise their heads in the version of the CMS, mobile-compatibility is something which has charged up users the most! The fact that the future version of the platform will be more mobile ready, having a dedicated mobile inclined interface, than any of its precursors, is making headlines. Business owners, who have been ready to launch their mobile sites, are ready to wait a little more until Drupal 8 hits the shelves.


There are some remarkable benefits which this platform is likely to bring in. Some advantages are listed below:


Responsiveness with an Edge: Responsiveness is one trait which is no more looked forward to. Designers have already included it in their default settings. The feature is being used so frequently that some designers believe that it can be used as a synonym for web design. The adroit development team behind Drupal 8 has made a note of this paradigm shift, and made sure that all default themes in this version of the CMS come with the touch of receptiveness. Drupal 8 assures to address the worry of cross-device compatibility and thus has adapted the mobile-first approach.


Going Mobile means Going Places: Bidding goodbye to laptops and desktops, content publishers are now catering to tablets and mobile devices. The situation is changing and that too at a very fast speed. Drupal 8 looks forward to cater to this change. Drupal 7 had some irregularities when it came to supporting websites on mobile devices which made the CMS lose its popularity.


Speed Matters: When it comes to web design, speed is a crucial factor. Visitors steer clear form websites which load at a slow speed. In addition search engines also shove away sites which take more time to load. In the age of mobile browsing, the need of front-end speed has further provoked. The team behind Drupal 9 is working in this area and optimizing the front-end speed of the platform. Some other factors which are being looked after include improving performance levels of JavaScript and page analysis and optimizing download speeds.


There are several assumptions about the release of Drupal 8, but the community has given a tentative date of 13th September 2013. The community is welcoming developers to make contributions to suggest improvements for the latest version of the CMS. This process has increased engagement like never before. Drupal 8 is expected to render a new face to the arena of Drupal Development Services.



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