How Upstart Website Podiums Are Matching WordPress

6 May 2014

When it comes to market share and recognition, nothing comes near to Rivaling WordPress when it comes to content management systems (CMS). Since last year, WordPress powered almost 20% of all websites and 66% of all English websites. The basis for the fame of WordPress are countless, its open source suppleness, overall stability and tens of thousands of widgets just to name a few. But for a big segment of small business all that make designers and developers adore WordPress make it about impossible to employ. Mainly because eventually for a class WordPress site you require to know how to code at least a little bit. This usually means appointing somebody to design and build a website, and for a lot of businesses there is simply no budget for it.

Go through the ever budding market for plug and play content management podiums. For the WordPress-phobic and DOI inclined, plug and play alternatives give some diverse benefits. The better PNP options provide hundreds of customizable themes that can be tweaked simply with no coding ability at all. The result in a move in market share conquered by the likes of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla towards a batch of drags and drop website design podiums with incorporated CMSs. While podiums like Wix and Square Space have guide the way there are numerous platforms making development in a crowded market providing supple alternatives with great quality.

Websites like ImCreator, besides having hundreds of really well-designed templates, some of which can be launch all set in minutes, ImCreator gives the cleverly bright white label option for non-development inclined businesses together with PR firms and graphic designers. ImCreator can be completely integrated into an organization’s brand identity enabling them to proffer clients full design and development packages without straight third party participation. ImCreator's back end too enables agencies to lesser the threshold on technical know-how for new hires aiding simpler expansion.

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