Enterprises Being So Negligent On Mobile App Security

8 May 2015

Los Angeles: The year 2014 was really a bad year for mobile devices as they faced a lot of security issues. More than 16 million mobile devices were hit by malware representing the spike of 25% every year. Highly complex threats such as NotCompatible and Heartbleed came into the fore last year. With that in mind, people think that organizations will be more attentive on their app security.

But according to a new data released by Ponemon institute, half of the companies which were there in the poll have dedicated no budget for securing their mobile applications. It actually comes despite an average of $34 million funds being released every year for the mobile companies to spend on their app development. Report says that, the companies are devoting lesser than the amount you spend to purchase an emoticon package for your phone.

Few companies test just half of the apps they develop

The report also sheds light on app testing; app testing is getting worse day by day. It says that 33% of the companies are not at all testing their applications. Also, 40% of the companies are not scanning the code for security vulnerabilities in the app. So, on an average, a company tests just half of the apps built by it.

Investment is lesser than the amount invested on pet costumes

On the whole just $1.8 million is being spent on mobile app security every year. But if we see the amount spent on pet costumes last year, it has crossed $330 million. Sales directors described the research and said it’s something to be concerned about. They feel that it’s too disturbing to see such a minimal investment being allocated for mobile app security by several major companies.

Enterprises aren’t taking the reports seriously

In spite of knowing the strategic importance of mobile computing platform and mobile applications, it’s a clear misalignment of resource allocation for mobile security. This is not the first report shedding lights on the vulnerabilities of mobile applications. Earlier in February, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) had also argued on app testing for vulnerabilities.

Secure your apps before the attackers exploit its vulnerabilities

Ponemon institute argues that the issue facing organizations clearly show their lack of experience; nearly three quarters (75%) of the respondents were cited lack of understanding and also the training from their developers on secure coding practices.  It’s better to build good security into the apps in the beginning only rather than doing it after cyber criminals exploiting the vulnerabilities of the app.

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