Is Anticipatory Commerce the Way of Future? Yes, Says Magento’s CEO

16 December 2015

Los Angeles: Recently Mark Lavelle, the CEO of Magento ecommerce company unveiled the latest ecommerce platform Magento 2.0 which according to him builds on the existing open source architecture while enabling a merchant to keep up with the digital demands of a consumer. He says that the need to improve the platform was in direct response to the needs of consumers who are time-stricken.

He said that, the team jumped straight onto the responsive design when they realized that the users were clicking on the tings on their phone. This made the merchants website look good if not better, as it was just a desktop website long ago and was not compatible with smartphones.

Provide Customers what they want!

  • If you want to win ecommerce, you need to provide customers what exactly they want by properly understanding their needs. If you want to beat Amazon, you need to make sure that your offerings delight the users. You need to have what they want; may it be on a website or an app. Just get it to them the way they want it.
  • Today, the businesses are moving so rapidly that they have just a second before losing a customer and this is where the technology comes in. People live in the digital world today; the brands have been putting up the stuffs online but users aren’t looking up there. What they see instead is their social network and demand for a level of immediacy the brands need to keep up.

Merchants need to gain the customers’ trust!

  • Lavelle wants to provide users a frictionless shopping experience by taking the friction out of the online buying space. He says that, we actually have crossed the hurdle of users putting their credit card details and also the hesitation people had while purchasing clothes online; the next hurdle will probably be to trust the merchants and the things they put up in front of our faces.
  • According to him, the next big thing would be that the users must have the suggested the things that are tailored to them because they are allowing merchants to see when they go on to an app or a store, their interests and intention to buy something. Pinterest can be a great example; you will have the things suggested to you which are precisely what you didn’t know you wanted; but it will surely make you happy.  

The crest use of such a technology which allows users to have a frictionless shopping experience saves a lot of time and money to the users, and also makes their lives more enjoyable.

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