Android Auto Support Stretches to Slacker Radio - The Ultimate Music App

29 July 2015

Los Angeles: Android Auto is pretty new in-car entertainment platform released by Google. Number of major car manufacturers have already embraced the latest platform and are all set to incorporate it in their new vehicles. Google has also teamed up with OEMs in order to create aftermarket solutions to bring Android Auto to older cars as well. As of now Android Auto doesn’t have more apps with it but the list seems to be increased gradually.

It seems that Android Auto is driving itself into the market patiently and hence it might take some time for the users to adopt the new platform completely. The users have to invest on it as they have to purchase a vehicle entertainment system. As already said, Android Auto is expected to grow gradually with lots of apps being added to it. Now the latest addition to it is the Slacker Radio.

What is Slacker Radio?

Slacker Radio is a complete music service that presents you with numerous songs and expert-programmed stations providing users the access to the world’s best music and entertainment. Now the latest news is that, the updated version of this app gets Android Auto support. So, those who are using Android Auto in their vehicles can now use Slacker Radio to access number of radio stations in a safe manner when they are on road.

Using Android Auto

If you own a compatible aftermarket system, using Android Auto is quite simple. You just have to connect an Android device (running on 5.0 Lollipop or higher) to the system via USB cable.  Once the device is connected, the screen gets locked and a custom interface opens up on the in-dash display featuring Google Now like cards.

Updated Slacker Radio

The updated Slacker Radio app has added Android Auto support which makes you feel that the ride is enjoyable. In addition to Android Auto support, Slacker Radio also mentions that the team has also worked on fixing the bugs like issues in live station playback, Facebook sharing and other things.

Is it worth having Slacker Radio?

If you haven’t tried using Slacker Radio on Android Auto yet, you can now give it a try. The app is known for the numerous radio stations that are curated by team Slacker Radio. There are number of stations available and you can also create your own if the available stations don’t impress you. Among millions of songs available, you will certainly like a tune or two. Of course, it’s hard to just get there and see how the new dr iving-optimized platform is. But if you are thinking about your next vehicle having Google’s entertainment system, you can just take a look at the reviews on Android Auto and decide whether to have it or not.

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