5 Excellent Mac OS X Development Tools You Need To Know

21 September 2015

Los Angeles: Apple developer tools are a suite of software tools from Apple that allow developers to make software titles for iOS and Mac OS X platforms. Formerly, the developer tools were included on the OS X install media but now they are exclusively distributed over the internet.

Here are a few exceptional Mac OS X developer tools.

Cornerstone SVN: Cornerstone SVN, built on Subversion control system is designed specifically for Mac OS. The main feature of Cornerstone is its ability to track and highlight the data trends through comparison tools. It allows you to merge the data together and also to extract the elements when required. Another key benefit of Cornerstone is that, it allows Mac users to include its integration with Planio. This enables you to synchronize a local folder with Planio repositories along with version control. The software comes with flexible interface in which the recent changes can also be viewed along with the long-term history.

Sublime Text 2: Sublime Text 2 is a text editor for code and prose; it is said to be a perfect tool for large scale projects. The tool provides a consistent interface across Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It also displays a mini-map on the right side of the editing pane which gives users an ability to identify the pints of interest. Sublime Text 2 lets you do almost everything you want to do. If you wish to insert a string of text multiple times, it allows you to select a text column and type your text.

Visual Studio Code: It is a redefined code editor which is optimized for most of the major platforms. The software can support more than 30 programming languages including Ruby, C++ and Python. Released earlier this year, Visual Studio Code could be a viable replacement for users. One main advantage of Visual Studio Code is its ability to offer a streamlined interface along with the rich code assistance. It also allows users to diagnose the issues using tools like JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js.

Sequel Pro: Sequel Pro, an easy-to-use MySQL database management application offers flexible connectivity to the users allowing them to access their MySQL databases directly on the local and remote servers. It also enables you to connect to the MySQL server on MAMP/XAMP install while highlighting its ability in connectivity.

Transmit: Transmit is an excellent FTP client for Mac OS X that allows users to transfer multiple files in a in a simpler fashion. The new Transmit Disk feature added to Transmit 4 allows users to mount their favorites in the Finder even when Transmit is not running. Once the files are transferred to a secure FTP, you can access them with just a click.

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