5 Best Mobile Apps That Make Job Search A Breeze

17 January 2016

Los Angeles: Not long ago, just a few years back LinkedIn was the only social online tool available for networking. But now, the times have changed a lot; they say finding a job is just like finding a life-partner, which seems to be true in today’s competitive world. So, a few start-ups have taken this quote seriously and are developing mobile apps to make the recruiting process much easier.

They are disrupting the specific parts of job searching process like surfing, finding people, application, networking, cognitive assessment, interviewing and so on. Today, there are numerous apps that have emerged to streamline and untangling the job search process while allowing the smartphone dominated society to communicate, search and apply for jobs based on their terms.

Below mentioned are a few apps that make job searching process a bit easier:

  1. Caliber: Describing itself as a search engine for business contacts, Caliber sits on the top of all the other professional and social networks while allowing you to search for connections and chat with them based on the professional background. Unlike other networking apps that help you in building, monitoring and maintaining a network, Caliber enables users to maximize them through sleek and direct communication.
  2. Weave: Employing a tender-esque interface and a matching algorithm, Weave allows users to swipe through the professional contacts in their area. Brian Ma, the founder of Weave provided even more convenient and discrete approach to networking than blind reach-outs or events as it can be a hassle sometimes. He says that, on an average a user can connect to another within 3 days and meet within a week.
  3. Reach: Reach takes the things a step ahead and allows networkers to find their professionals recently visited places, proximity or interests in real time. It features an intro and about.me service which allows creating their digital business cards. Not just creating, but they can also select the information they want to share with others.
  4. Good&Co: Good&Co is an app that bills itself as a network that helps in achieving workplace happiness. Basically, the app runs its applicants through a battery of assessments and fun quizzes which are backed by a bit of science. The users can share the results of quizzes and assessments with their colleagues and friends. More than anything, the app matches you with specific positions and companies that match your strengths.
  5. HireVue: HireVue has been a tool for the employers to conduct job interviews at any time across the platforms. It can also help job seekers; the candidates can wait in limbo for less time and can also increase the chances of impressing the recruiters through a digital face-to-face interview.

With these many apps available as the tools to make the job search easier, it has been really easy for job seekers to search, communicate and apply for jobs that match their standards.

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