4 Most Important Things to Consider While Optimizing a Website for Mobile Users

30 October 2015

Los Angeles: Mobile devices are becoming the vogue these days and we can’t just deny it. The computers are getting increasingly compact while allowing the mobile devices to become more powerful. Gone are the days where there was handful of task-specific devices like phones, gaming devices, music players, GPS systems and organizers. But now, there is only one smart device that combines all the other tasks.

When somebody is on mobile, they expect an entirely different experience from the one they would get from a standard desktop website. The lengthy staff bios, PDFs of your latest press releases and the information about your corporate philosophies might not be the thing they are looking for. The mobile users typically look for the key pieces of information like click-to-call phone numbers, directions to office, map of your store location and so on.

Here are a few simple tips to optimize your website for mobile users:

#1. Simplify the Website: When you are optimizing a website for mobile users, the first thing you need to do is to determine the content to be included in the website. You will have a restricted amount of screen space and it’s really important for you to figure out the key information that your visitors would be looking for.

For example, Fandango – an online ticket selling company completes its sales cycle by providing what exactly the user requires. It provides a QR code which acts as a mobile ticket for the purchaser. The user can just take their phone to the ticket counter and get the code scanned.

#2. Plan the Website Layout: Website layout is the first thing which attracts the audience. Generally, mobile web pages load slower than the traditional web pages. Lesser the number of pages, faster they load. Also, the users won’t be patient enough to surf through the pages deep on your website. So it’s very important to keep the site layout as organized as possible.

#3. Match the Branding Elements: Mobile website will generally be much more streamlined than the standard site, but still you’ll have to incorporate the same branding elements on both traditional and mobile sites.

As we all know, mobile site is a brand touch point; it should promote and reflect the essence of your brand. The users who are familiar with your company will feel like they are visiting an old friend, which is an important consideration to retain the loyal customers.

#4. Allow People to Visit Full Website: You work really hard on your mobile site and you want people to get much out of it. But the fact is that, even if you have done a good job in paring down the content, it’s more likely to have someone who doesn’t want the information you have included. So, make sure you include links on multiple pages that takes user to the full version of your site. We can see this as a feature on most of the mobile sites including USA Today, Home Depot, etc.

As long as you keep user’s needs in mind, stay true to the brand and follow a basic set of rules, you will have the hang of it within no time.

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