Front-end Development

Front-end Development or client side development is a way to produce HTML, JavaScript and CSS for a website or an application, to make it easy for the users to interact with them directly.

Fortune Innovations aims at providing highly efficient and reliable solutions for all the MEAN stack development needs of the clients across the world. Our proficient developers work on MEAN technology to build scalable and responsive web applications to the clients. MEAN Stack is a powerful composition of four main JavaScript technologies (MongoDb, ExpressJS, NodeJS and AngularJS) that help you to create high-speed websites and applications.


MongoDB is an open source, cross platform document oriented database program that uses JSON-like documents with schemas. It makes data integration faster and easier by storing it in a structured form. Basically, this document-oriented database is designed keeping high performance and boundless scale in mind.

MongoDB offers some extraordinary features like efficient load balancing, field indexing, consistency, replication, aggregation framework, flexible data processing, enterprise management & integration, etc.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a complete JavaScript based open source web application framework that’s developed by Google. It is a feature rich framework used to develop browser based, data driven and dynamic applications. AngularJS allows you to expand your applications’ HTML syntax which results in an expressive, readable and quick-to-develop environment.

Advantages of AngularJS include faster application development, high-level efficiency, cross browser compliance, user experience, filters, reusable components and professional support.

Express JS

ExpressJS or simply Express is a server side JavaScript framework that offers a set of helpful components to develop single page or multi-page web and mobile applications. ExpressJS comes with two templating engines (Jade and EJS) which facilitate data flow into the website structure.

Node JS

Node.js is an event-driven JavaScript runtime built on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. It offers plentiful tools using which we can build excellent websites and applications. This lightweight programming language fosters rapid development of applications as it facilitates code reusability. The non-blocking I/O model of NodeJS makes it an ideal platform to build scalable network applications.

We have a strong team of developers with considerable experience in the JavaScript which has been a main reason for our success in developing JavaScript based solutions. Just reach out to us if you have any requirements on MEAN stack development.


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