Drupal 8 Accelerate- A Grant Program to Eliminate Release Blockers

Drupal 8 is almost ready to get out of the door and is expected to set a whole new standard for ease of use by providing users with lots and lots of ways to tailor and deploy their content to the web. It also allows users to easily customize the listings and data structures so that they can take the advantage of new capabilities for displaying data on mobile devices while getting adjusted to multilingual needs.

But the release is getting delayed because of the release blockers; according to Drupal, there are about 50 release blockers who have been the main barrier for its release. So it’s decided to knock out these barriers and get Drupal 8 released. It is already working on it and has started to raise funds for the release blockers to be thrown out completely through a program called Drupal 8 Accelerate.

Drupal 8 Accelerate is mainly concerned about the following points:

  • The fund is to enrich the performance by addressing certain performance regressions and also working on Drupal 8’s next-generation cache system.
  • It would also address a few security vulnerabilities like strengthening the security around Drupal 8 entity API.
  • The fund would be helpful for gathering people for critical-crushing sprints on certain topics like menu links.
  • Drupal has also planned to have better community tools for Drupal 8; it’s also being said that it would include the much needed Testbot update.

Fund raising method:

Keeping all the above points in mind, Drupal launched a grant program called Drupal 8 Accelerate which is designed to eliminate the release blockers. With this program, Drupal has made some minor contributions which have caused a great impact. All that they have to do is to eliminate the 50 release blockers; for this, it has already pledged $62,500 of their general operating budget as matching funds.     

They have also been partnered up with seven outstanding Drupal supporters. With their support, funds have reached $125,000. So now, they are asking to help them in raising another $125,000 which would make the total of $250,000. The donations which you would offer allow them to make more grants through which Drupal 8 can be brought out of the door soon.

Drupal knows that fundraising works out!

The release of Drupal 8 will be an effort of everybody who has donated some funds to get it out of the release blockers. Drupal already knows that this technique will work and hence it has taken such a step. It has already tacking the issues related to entry field validation, menus, caching, etc. You will know that on what you are funding as you will also be a donor.      

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