5 Web Design Trends that are Expected to Emerge in 2017

We’ve just closed out 2016 and there have been several trends that ruled web design industry in the past year. As we now are in the beginning of the New Year 2017, it’s time for us to unwind some important web design trends that could make some noise throughout the year.

A web designer should always be updated about the latest trends in the industry which otherwise make the website look too out-dated. So, here we have covered 5 web design trends that are expected to arise in 2017.

1.  Responsive Design

Responsive web design has not remained as an option anymore because it’s now a must-have feature for any website. Today in the mobile first world, people access everything on their mobile devices, and the websites should load properly on their mobile devices as well. This is what responsive design does. A responsively designed website looks the same when viewed on mobile phones and tablets, which provides a great browsing experience to the users accessing the website.

Not just that, but it also affects the website’s search engine ranking as Google now penalizes the website that aren’t mobile friendly.

2. Semi-flat Design

Semi-flat design makes the elements of the websites look like they are on a single surface. This popular web design approach can help the users understand the website clearly and also make the transition look more unified. Most of the design experts opine that it’s quite difficult to execute it convincingly, but if done correctly, the semi-flat design makes it really easy for the users to understand the directions of the website, and the result is a great navigation experience.

But why semi- flat design?

From a year or two, flat web designs had some problems on their ability to draw users to the website and create an immersive experience. It was because the characters, images and other elements on the website were completely flat without any differentiations or shading, which made it difficult to users to navigate within the site.

But now, semi-flat designs overcome these challenges and they seem to have been succeeded in providing an immersive user experience.

3. Minimalism with Micro-Interactions

Mobile experience has been an important factor in 2016, and it’s going to continue this year as well. It looks more like it’s all about mobile experience from 2017 onwards. This is where micro-interactions come into picture; they are the user enabled interactions which offer great control, rewards and guidance to the user providing an amazing experience while they’re on the website.

And, minimalist design leaves the web pages uncluttered providing an organized look to the site. Combining the minimalist design and semi-flat design, websites can offer great user experiences.

4. Parallax Scrolling

Navigating to different part of the website at different speeds is not a new thing, but using it in an innovative way can enjoy the rewards of user engagement.

So, how can you use it innovatively?

One simple way to use it innovatively is to apply it to interactive storytelling or interactive assessments. Both engage users at a deeper level providing an immersive experience. We have seen websites with great parallax scrolling where the elements are structured in such a way that it folds on top of one another when scroll or slide through the pages.  The biggest advantage of parallax scrolling is that, it offers one-touch scrolling experience to the users.

5. Typography

Typography is again about user experience; it’s all about using effective fonts in new ways that blend with the web design. One latest and most attractive trend is blending the fonts that work well on a single web page. It works on different fonts and font sizes as well. One should always keep in mind that the fonts used in the website match the product, target audience and the brand.

These are a few web design trends that are expected to be used prevalently in 2017.

So, if you have any plans of building a new website or redesigning the existing website, consider these trends to resonate with your target audience and achieve more conversions. Or just let us know your requirements; we at Fortune Innovations Los Angeles have experienced web designers who can help you build an amazing website keeping in mind the current trends.

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