5 Predictions on Web Design Trends for 2016-2017

We have almost come to the end of 2015 and we did not experience any significant changes in web design industry this year. Moving on, we will look into a few major predictions on web design for the next couple of years. Predicting the trend two years before seems to be senseless, but these trends take some time to make their entry into the industry.

Here are a few predictions made on web design trends of 2016-2017:

  1. Renewed Emphasis on Originality: One of the biggest problems in the current web design trend is that, it has been very difficult to be original with the design as the other sites using the same design looks pretty much similar regardless of some minor color changes. But the design experts predict that, we can experience the originality in the coming years in the form of custom drawn elements combined with some animations. The dearth of JS, CSS3 and HTML5 libraries have sprung up to help with the originality.
  2. Evolution of Flat Design: With the introduction of Android 5.0 and iOS 7/8, flat design received the well-deserved attention and implementation. Android contributed a lot with the improvement of flat design through its material design and the reference that extends beyond mobile. The concept of card, use of white space, intentions, shadows and motion work very well to provide a layered approach to 2D/3D design. But in the years ahead, we can see the white spaces playing a huge role in web designing.
  3. Micro Experiences: In a couple of years, there are possibilities of single home page having 3 to 4 call out areas with obvious intentions like a tour, registration and product offerings. Initially, they will start up with small amount of content anticipating for the interaction. Once the workflow is triggered, it could launch a mini application to complete its intended purpose. Clicking on the registration element could alter the area into a registration wizard, either directly in that area or by changing the location.
  4. Reduction in Page Height: This has been a hope more than a prediction for the web design experts. As of now, the common belief is that the vertical scrolling and less clicking continues to grow. But the design experts prefer vertical scrolling for just the smaller portions of the content or to trigger animations but they do not want it as a means to view the entire site.
  5. Focus on Typography: Now that the web has grown a lot in terms of typography and the designers and developers are not constrained to Arial and Comic sans anymore. The experts are predicting that more care will be taken when it comes to fonts and font sizes. It has already been started; we can see it in a few sites which are better maintained, but it is yet to make its way to majority of the sites. Though it’s a small change, it can definitely have a great impact on the perception of a site.

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